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What is Sterling Silver?

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Sterling silver is the purest, finest grade of silver available. Sterling silver jewelry is commonly referred to as “92.5 Silver” or “925 Silver”, indicating that It is composed of 92.5% pure silver. The remaining alloy is usually composed of copper, which gives the silver strength and durability.

Silver is considered a soft metal, meaning that it requires a certain degree of care over time. The delicate nature of this precious metal is precisely the key to its appeal. While some jewelry manufacturers prefer substituting silver for other metals such titanium or zinc, we pride ourselves in crafting timeless pieces with true sterling silver.


What to Expect from Your Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry may tarnish or oxidize with use. This usually results in some loss of shine or darkening of the silver, and in some cases slight red discoloration. This is perfectly normal and is to be expected when wearing real silver jewelry. This does not impact the value of the jewelry, and is a superficial cosmetic issue which is easily treated.


What Affects the Appearance of Sterling Silver Jewelry?

  • Exposure to abrasive household chemicals when cleaning.
  • Bathing in a chlorinated swimming pool.
  • Tarnishing from oils, perfumes, lotions and sweat on the skin.
  • Prolonged exposure to sunlight and inadequate storage.


How to Treat and Care for Silver Jewelry

Before deciding to treat silver jewelry it should be noted that a tarnished finish is sometimes seen as desirable, as it is proof of the authenticity of the piece. However, all silver requires some amount of upkeep, and there are two easy ways to restore its brilliance:

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DIY Baking Soda Bath

Place a sheet of aluminum foil inside a cup or small bowl. Place the silver jewelry on top of the aluminum foil. Pour boiling water with ½ teaspoon of baking soda until the jewelry is completely submerged. The water should begin to fizz as the baking soda becomes activated and strips the top layer of silver, revealing a brilliant new shine underneath. After several minutes you may remove the jewelry, rinse slightly and dry with a gentle cloth.


Non-Toxic Silver Wipes

Silver wipes are the easiest solution to clean and polish silver jewelry. Unlike traditional pastes and polishing products, wipes do not require special skill or preparation. They’re non-toxic and leave no mess behind.

Silver wipes give immediate results, removing tarnish stains and discoloration from oxidization, restoring shine, and coating the jewelry with a fresh protective layer. Each wipe can be used for several pieces of jewelry. Buy our Silver Shining Wipe now »


Tips for Everyday Use and Storage of Silver Jewelry

To further protect your silver jewelry and enhance its brilliance, consider the following steps:

  • No harsh chemicals – Take the jewelry off before cleaning the house or bathing in a chlorinated swimming pool.
  • Put it on last – Wear it after you’ve dressed, and try not to spray perfume directly on the jewelry. This minor habit goes a long way!
  • Store away from sunlight – silver oxidizes in the open air, so it is best to store silver jewelry away from sunlight. For optimal storage, place in a small plastic or cellophane bag.