OZZ gift box

We are delighted to introduce our new OZZ Gift Box.

The box is a perfect companion for protecting and storing jewelry. It was curated especially for you, so it’s made with high quality materials and combines thoughtful details that we hope you appreciate.

  • The padded interior keeps your jewelry protected from scratches. The dark contrast flatters gold and silver jewelry, acting as a beautiful display for presents.
  • The drawer design means that the jewelry is easy to access. The drawer opens one way, so it will never slip through the other side.
  • The drawer offers plenty of space to hold multiple pieces. The smaller box, 6X6X2.5cm, comfortably holds 3 pieces of jewelry. The large box, 9X9X2.5cm, comfortably holds multiple bracelets and necklaces.
  • The slim design fits through your mailbox, hassle-free.
  • A minimalistic and clean unisex design.

The OZZ Gift Box is provided to you for FREE with every purchase from our website.

Please note that when ordering jewelry by other brands on our website, you may receive that brand’s jewelry box instead of the OZZ Gift Box.


Small OZZ Gift Box
Small OZZ Gift Box
Large OZZ Gift Box
Large OZZ Gift Box