Nathalie Earrings


Handmade sterling silver J-Hoops by Buddha to Buddha.

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Handmade sterling silver J-Hoops by Buddha to Buddha.

The Nathalie earrings are beautiful sterling silver earrings based on the Nathalie link. The Nathalie link is one of the most famous designs in our collection. The characteristic double link makes these earrings a real eye-catcher. Create a smooth and cool look with these timeless pieces!


Buddha to Buddha

Buddha to Buddha was born in 1997 during a meditation journey in South East Asia, where the founder wanted to experience the deeper meaning of life. There, he started drawing; the connection between two beings and something heavy, to keep him grounded in this life. Together with a local silversmith he brought those sketches to life; the brand and its first bracelet were born. Ever since, we create our silver masterpieces with the best craftsmen we can find. Buddha to Buddha prides itself that each piece of jewelry is made by hand. Therefore every piece is unique, each piece has a soul.

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Dimensions20 × 10 mm


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