Jasper J-Hoop Earrings


Pair of silver J-hoop earrings with Jasper gemstone and chain detail.

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A pair of silver J-hoop earrings with a butterfly backing.

These earrings are adorned with a Jasper gemstone and chain detail which hang from the hoop, to create a subtle accent of color and movement. Jasper is a speckled stone, sometimes called Landscape Jasper or Picture Jasper for its geographic pattern. It is usually formed from volcanic ash and has an opaque finish. This specific piece has a beige-brown geographic pattern, with each gemstone bearing its own unique design.

For best care do not wash.


OZZ Silver & Gold

OZZ Silver & Gold is a Dutch jewelry brand founded in 1995. OZZ Silver & Gold specializes exclusively in sterling silver, gold-plated silver and 14 Karat gold. Meant to be enjoyed every day, each piece is designed and handcrafted with the brand's signature style: Always chic, unique and playful. Discover exciting jewelry creations by OZZ Silver & Gold.

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Dimensions16 × 40 mm

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This product is non-returnable for hygienic reasons.


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