Ring Size Guide


Not sure what your ring size is? There are two methods you can follow:


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Method 1 for Determining Ring Size:
Measure a Ring You Already Have

The easiest method for determining your size is measuring an existing ring that fits on the desired finger. Measure the inner diameter of the ring and follow this guide for your purchase on our website:

  • 16mm = Ring Size 6
  • 17mm = Ring Size 7
  • 18mm = Ring Size 8
  • 19mm = Ring Size 9
  • 20mm = Ring Size 10
  • 21mm = Ring Size 11
  • 22mm = Ring Size 12
  • 23mm = Ring Size 13


Method 2 for Determining Ring Size:
Measuring the Circumference of Your Finger

Begin wrapping a piece of thin string around the base of your finger, ensuring that it is not too tight and can also fit around your knuckle, just as a ring would. Mark the point where the string wraps around and meets the starting point, then remove the string and measure the length with a ruler. This number is the circumference of your finger. Follow this chart to determine your ring size:

  • Circumference of 50-52mm = Diameter of 16mm = Ring Size 6
  • Circumference of 53-55mm = Diameter of 17mm = Ring Size 7
  • Circumference of 55-57mm = Diameter of 18mm = Ring Size 8
  • Circumference of 57-59mm = Diameter of 19mm = Ring Size 9
  • Circumference of 60-62mm = Diameter of 20mm = Ring Size 10
  • Circumference of 63-65mm = Diameter of 21mm = Ring Size 11
  • Circumference of 65-67mm = Diameter of 22mm = Ring Size 12
  • Circumference of 67-69mm = Diameter of 23mm = Ring Size 13